Ghost in the Shell FAQs

Can you confirm I’ve successfully sign-up for this offer?

Anyone who successfully completed a free trial sign-up through the dedicated 30 - Day Free Trial Ghost in the Shell landing page ( between 3/17 - 4/26 has successfully taken advantage of the offer.


How do I get my free movie ticket to Ghost in the Shell?

When you sign up through any of the paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube or directly through for a 30 Day free trial, you will receive a Fandango Promo Code* (*can take up to 24 hours) via email.


Why did I only get a 14 day trial?

If you signed up in the wrong place we can give you an additional two weeks free trial but we can't give you movie tickets as it's not controlled through us.  You must have signed up through the links in the ads as noted above.

Follow email instructions to redeem your movie ticket on to see Ghost in the Shell, in theaters March 31st ~ !


  • Ticket redeemable ONLY for Ghost in the Shell.



What if I’m a Free Member, or I’m currently on a Free Trial?

This discount promotion is only available to new free trial sign-ups.

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