The VIDEOS AREN'T WORKING properly! What's wrong?

All videos work except one specific video.

If it's just one video then you should contact us to tell us the specific video you had trouble with, as well as what device you are watching on, so we can check the encoding of the video.

No videos work.  They won't play at all.

If you are on a console:
On your console, clear your CACHE, and then delete the APP DATA (in that order) before uninstalling and reinstalling the Crunchyroll app.
Mobile users see the Android or IOS section of our Knowledge Base.
If you are on a computer using a browser:
Disable any browser extensions. Try more than one browser.
Make sure you have the latest Java and Flash.
Right click on the Flash Player and try toggling 'Video Smoothing' and 'Subtitle Smoothing'.
Make sure Hardware Acceleration is enabled and that you have updated Local Storage to Unlimited.
If you are using Chrome, this has been moved to chrome://settings/search#hardware. Make sure that you have the box checked for 'Use hardware acceleration when available'.

Most videos play but stop and start or jump to the next episode.

There are two more areas that can have issues when streaming videos.  One is the local network connection, usually your wifi, and the other is getting to the right servers from your wifi to the servers.

Your device needs a stable connection. All you can do to resolve this is to make sure your connection is as stable as can be and try again.  A common issue is other people streaming video on the same home wifi.

Getting to the right servers:
Because the servers for various devices are all located in different parts of the country, sometimes it's a matter of pointing to the right DNS server.
Changing your router's DNS should resolve this. You’ll find complete instructions on how to change your DNS by using's all-encompassing guide ( You should try this first, if in the USA and Europe. If this doesn't seem to help, you can try Google's Public DNS (
For more advanced video help click here:
To find more FAQ’s and knowledge base questions and answers, access the rest of our knowledge base.

To check out the forums, find shared answers from other users, or post a question about shows and other interests, check out Crunchyroll forums.

If you still need further help, need something changed regarding your account, or would like to contact us directly, please contact us with the details.