Canadian Free User Changes

Canadian Free User Changes


What are the changes?

Older titles will be available exclusively to Premium subscribers. Non-premium users, will still have access to all currently airing titles, so the newest anime can still be enjoyed for free, the same as it is now. Each new episode of a currently airing title will be available to all members, but after a 13-week period, it will be available to Premium subscribers only.


Why are we making changes?

Over the past 5 years we have adding many library titles while simulcasting 50 shows every season. We’ve also expanded the free streaming service across mobile and living room devices, including Apple TV, PlayStation and Xbox consoles.  We want to be be able to continue building the best collection of anime, even with the increasing cost of content and fluctuations in the Canadian exchange rates. 


Who will the changes effect?

These changes only effect non-Premium members in the Canadian region.   Premium members will see no changes.


When will the changes take effect? 

February 1, 2016


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