Basic Video Help (PS4)

Sorry that our PlayStation 4 app is giving you trouble! Here are a few basic tips that can help get Crunchyroll running for you again:


  • For starters, please completely back out of the Crunchyroll app by pressing the PS button on your controller, and selecting CLOSE APPLICATION. If that does not work, restart your PlayStation 4, then restart the Crunchyroll app.
  • Select SETTINGS, then NETWORK, then TEST INTERNET CONNECTION, and check to ensure your PS4 has a stable connection.
  • Ensure that your PlayStation 4 console and Crunchyroll app are updated to their most current versions.
  • If these steps don't help, uninstall your Crunchyroll app by going to TV/VIDEO, highlighting the app, pressing OPTIONS on your controller, then selecting DELETE. Reinstall the app by downloading it from the PlayStation Store.
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